SA Fishing Links

There is no shortage of websites and forums dedicated to the art of angling, and within South Australia alone there are enough for me to dedicate a page to them. Enjoy your reading!


Strike & Hook – A fantastic South Australian forums catering to metro and regional anglers, including Port Lincoln. The fishing resources link provides a huge amount of information for local anglers.

Fishin SA – Marketing themselves as ‘The premier online recreational fishing website for all South Australian anglers and families’, FishinSA is a fantastic information resource for anglers, with useful tips from fellow anglers in the fishing reports section as well!


Fishing SA – Fishing SA magazine is the favourite sportfishing journal in South Australia, dedicated to all things fishing, camping, boating and outdoors.

With a central focus of keeping South Australian anglers informed and entertained, this high-quality bi-monthly publication draws on the experience of avid anglers all around the state.

SA Angler – SA Angler is South Australia’s very own fishing, boating and outdoors magazine. Inside you’ll find everything you need to know about us, including a glimpse of the feature stories in the current issue, how to subscribe, how to advertise with us, how to become a contributor, how to order some of our clothing, books and DVD’s and how to contact SA Angler.


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