Fishing Articles & Videos

The Fishing Articles section contains a list of articles and videos that I have saved, because they are filled with useful information and are generally well-presented. Articles will pop-out a new tab taking you to the relevant site, as I am not in the business of harvesting other people’s work, or taking credit for their research. YouTube videos will be embedded where possible


“How To Catch” Articleshowto2crgb2

Every site, magazine or fellow website user has an opinion on the best technique or approach to catching a particular variety of fish. None of them are absolutely perfect, and none of them are completely devoid of useful content; it’s down to you the reader to determine what information should be retained for later use, and what should be discarded. That being said, please enjoy this list of great “How To Catch” articles!


Australian Salmon

Essentials of Spinning for Australian Salmon

OutBack Joe – How to Catch Australian Salmon

Halco Tackle – Australian Salmon

Fishing WA – Australian Salmon



A well written article on Catching Bream in South Australia


Dusky Flathead

TT Lures – Talking Flathead Tactics



Fishing WA – Garfish


King George Whiting

Fishing SA – Metro Winter Whiting

Jarvis Walker – How to catch King George Whiting

Southern Calamari, or Squid

Shimano – Egixile Squid

Tommy Ruff

Catching and Eating Tommy Ruff, or Herring


Yellowfin or Sand Whiting

Shimano – Yellowfin Whiting on Poppers

Fish’N’Yak – Whiting on Poppers

Berkley – Summer Guide for Surface Whiting

Fishing Lure Articles

Lucky Craft Sammy Surface Lure

Lucky Craft Sammy Surface Lure

With approximately eleventy bajillion kinds of lures available on the market these days, there is no shortage of articles on fishing lures. Broken into types of lure, you should be able to find a wealth of information to help tweak your understanding or use of the almighty lure.


Soft Plastics

The Basics of Soft Plastic Lure Fishing

Fishing Soft Plastics – Learning How to Fish

Soft Plastics Offshore – BCF


Hard Bodied Lures

Bream on Hard Bodies – Berkley Australia

Fishing Monthly – Fishing with Surface Lures

Fishing with Surface Lures


Metal Lures

Spanyid – Metal Lure Techniques

How to Fish with Metal Lures & Jigs


General Fishing Knowledge Articles

General Fishing Tips – Ray’s Outdoors Blog

Top 10 Fishing Tips for Beginners

Rex Hunt – Fishing Tips

The Pressure Myth – Does a changing barometer truly affect our fishing success?


SA Fishing Location Articles

ExplorOz – Fishing Spots in SA

Coorong National Park Fishing Guide

PIRSA – The Coorong


If you have any articles on Australian fishing that you think would be a good addition to this list, please add a comment or contact a site admin!


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