Berley Mix Recipes

float-berleyWhile there are a huge number of pre-made packaged berleys available for purchase from camping stores and tackle shops, a more successful and cost effective berley mix may be the solution for you. Listed below are a variety of berley mix recipes I have collected from various sources. Where possible, sources will be fully attributed.

What is berley?

Berley is the regular release of small amounts of fish food into a waterway. It’s designed to attract fish, hold them in your area and trigger a more aggressive feeding response.

Fishing Monthly – Making the Most of Berley – a variety of recommendations are listed in this short article. Worth a read!

Fishing Monthly also has another short article on Berley Techniques which you may find useful. It covers berley use in a variety of locations and situations.

Buschy’s Bulk Berley recipe from Basic recipe is –

  1. Empty a packet of cat biscuits into the bucket. (I use the select fish flavour – cost about $3)
  2. Add in whatever oils you want to add. (I add around a litre of tuna / fish oil – cost around $7)
  3. Add boiling water – usually about 1-2 kettles worth. Place lid on bucket and leave the mix for around 3-4 hours stirring occassionally. Basically, you want the biscuits to soak up as much water and oil as possibly.
  4. Mash the biscuits thoroughly – you can use whatever technique works for you. You should end up with a warm, sloppy, oily and quite disgusting mixture 🙂
  5. Add and thoroughly mix in your dry ingredients. I use pollard that I buy from City Farmers for a few bucks.

I tend to use a second bucket and split the mix to make it easier to thoroughly mix the wet and dry ingredients. You can also make is as wet/dry as you want by simply adding more dry ingrendients until you reach the desired consistency. You end up with a mix that tends to burley up all levels of the water and puts a nice trail out for you too. There are heaps of optional ingredients you might want to consider using – different oils, aniseed, different types of dry ingredients, stimulants, blood, ground up meats/fish frames, cat food….the list goes on. I have tried all sorts, with different results and do have a ‘secret’ recipe that works well for me. My best advice is that less is more….keep it simple and you will get results on the bread & butter fish. Herring / gardies / whiting will all go crazy for the basic recipe above. 20l of burley for around $15 is also great value.

User freeeedom at recommends chicken pellets and tuna oil, plus any old bait, bread, prawn shells etc put through the mincer/blender and mixed in.


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