Basic Knots

scaffoldknotAnyone with an interest in fishing should know this short list of knots. All links and information is taken from

Blood Knot aka Clinch Knot – This reliable, basic knot can be used for tying hooks to leader.

Dropper Knot – Used to create a loop part way down a line.

Perfection Loop – Used to create a loop at the end of a line

Uni Knot – My current preferred choice for attaching hooks and snaps to fluorocarbon leader.

Double Uni Knot – Used for attaching leader to main line without a swivel.

Rapala Knot – I use the rapala knot to attach small surface lures and soft plastic lures to my leader. The loop at the end of the knot allows for more realistic movement and presentation for your lure.

Arbor Knot – Used when attaching line to a spool.

Easy Snell Knot – The simpler of the two types of Snell Knot

Traditional Snell Knot – The traditional, more complex Snell Knot

Bimini Twist – This knot is ridiculous and I’m not sure you need to know it. Described as a 100% knot.


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