Welcome to Cast & Retrieve

Welcome to my new site, Cast & Retrieve! Since taking up fishing again in 2013 I became obsessed with many areas of fishing knowledge, including:

Cast & Retrieve is a content aggregator for fishing knowledge specific to South Australian waters, but some of the content shown here is not my own. I will attempt to attribute the source of all material that is linked on this site, to give credit where credit is due. Please contact site admin if you provided the original content and would like it removed, or if you would like to suggest additional content to improve this site.

Like golf, Fishing is a sport where you can empty your wallet on an assortment of equipment designed to improve your performance. I’m a sucker for all of these things, I love shopping for tackle and new lures, so I have provided a short list of local South Australian and online suppliers where I purchase the bulk of my fishing gear and tackle.

Enjoy your reading and thank you for visiting Cast & Retrieve. Tight Lines!